Olympiacos S.F.P. – USK PRAHA for the children of “Jambol Agapis”

Olympiacos S.F.P. – USK PRAHA for the children of “Jambol Agapis”

A few days have passed since the afternoon of Wednesday, February 22, 2023, when the women’s basketball team of Olympiakos S.F.P. who competed with USK PRAHA hosted the children of “Jambol Agapis”.

On this day, we will remember it as the first coexistence of children and families from different geographical areas of “Jambol Agapis”.

The idea of ​​the President of “Jambol Agapis” Ioannis Tsoumbri for the realization of this action, was embraced from the first moment, by Evi Dimitratou (team manager of the women’s basketball team of Olympiakos S.F.P.), the coaches of the Thanos team Nikla, Spyros Mylonas and the players of the team.

Christina Tsiligiri, as the President of the Peace and Friendship Stadium, but also as the Director of Disabled Persons at UNESCO, took care of the impeccable hospitality of our families.

The Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs Mrs. Domna Michailidou was near our children, Michalis Kountouris as President of the Olympiakos S.F.P. , Iosif Vourakis as President of OPAN Piraeus and Konstantinos Kaskaras as Secretary General of “Jambol Agapis”. All of them have contributed the most to the sports socialization of our children.

For the coexistence of our children in the SEF stands, they also contributed with their own support:

Panagiotis Tzouvelekis, director of the EEEEK Piraeus,

Konstantinos Koukias, President of Pegasus Korydallos with the athletes of the club,

Cleo Leinaraki, Psychologist with her children, of “Asterion Drasei”,

Julia Stavridou, from the Pammakaristos foundation with the children of “Jambol Agapis Rafina Pikermiou”,

Alexandra Syrogianni, coordinator of “Jambol Agapis Rafina Pikermiou”,

Painesis Apostolos, head coach of “Jambol Agapis SEF”,

Lia Siamouri coach of “Jambol Agapis SEF”.

Evangelia Papadima and Aphrodite Argyri, coaches of “Jambol Agapis Rafina Pikermiou”,

Vasia Papadimitriou, psychologist of “Jambol Agapis SEF”,

Nikolaos Tsoumbris, Ioanna Papatheodorou, Nikolaos Tomais as volunteers of “Jambol Agapis SEF”.

Kelly Menelaou, as a volunteer of “Jambol Agapis Rafina Pikermiou”.

In the stands there were parents and children from the sections: Academy 1 “Jambol Agapis SEF”, Academy 2 “Jambol Agapis SEF”, Children’s “Jambol Agapis SEF”, Youth “Jambol Agapis SEF”, Competition Division “Jambol Agapis SEF”, Girls – Youth “Jamboll of Love SEF”, “En Plo” of Glyfada, Euro hope of Kifissia, Academy 1 and 2 “Jamboll of Love of Rafina Pikermiou”, EEEEK Piraeus, EEEEK “Spring” Piraeus .

   We thank all the Parents for their trust in our educational program. Without their own love for children, we would not have made all these strides from 2016 to today.

  We thank the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, the Olympiacos S.F.P., the Region of Piraeus, the Municipality of Piraeus, OPAN Piraeus, the Municipality of Rafina Pikermiou, the Municipality of Glyfada, EURO hoops, the schools and the Physical Education Teachers who cooperate with “Jambol Agapis”.

  We thank the companies AEGEAS AMKE, ZIM HELLAS, DESMOS AMKE, CALL Edutainment, GAIN OFFICE Gerasimos Angeletakis Investment, KKinfotec, for supporting the educational project of the period 2022-2023.

   Looking forward to our next big date, we wish you a Happy Lent!

“With a Basketball Uniting all Children”!