We are the Champions

By Tsoumpris John

Basketball coach


One of the most beautiful basketball moments this summer was the presentation of the book “We are now champions” on the triumph of National Greece at Eurobasket in 1987.

Panagiotis Giannakis, leader of the 1987 National Team, Panagiotis Fasoulas (National Team Player 1987), Michalis Kakiouzis (National Team Leader 2005) and Leda Maniatogiannis (Chairman of the “Storks” Association)

Also present at this event were Panagiotis Karatzas, Michalis Romanidis, Vassilis Goumas, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Dimos Dikoudis, Giorgos Kaletzis, Giorgos Limniatis, Costas Bogatsiotis, Dinos Kalambakos, Nikos Barlos, Zissis Sarikopoulos and others.

“Multi-talented Vassilis, he made his dream come true, he always chased me for interviews. It is a rare heirloom that the book, because Vasilis was sucking every moment, was between the stadium and the changing rooms, “he said, among other things, the” dragon “of Greek basketball.

Presentations are continued by Vassilis Skountis in different parts of Greece.

A trip back in time, 30 summers in the pages of the book.

A summer like it was just the previous month for many of us.

A basketball adventure as a fairy tale with a happy ending. A summer that for many of us (in my generation) formed a basketball character and accompanied us in our decisions on the subsequent course.

A great thank you to the person who decoded these images in a book you just do not read but by browsing the pages of the travellers, over and over again in a wonderful first summer of first conquest.

Peaks continue and continue. Conquerors will evolve and continue these beautiful summer trips.

But like the first love she does not have!

Thank you all of you who showed us this summer something different and unique for that time back in 1987.

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