“CHRISTMAS Specials Youth Basketball Games –  LOVE 2017”

“CHRISTMAS Specials Youth Basketball Games –  LOVE 2017”.

    Shortly before our life changes from 2017 to 2018, the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th “Jump ball of Love” were held as “CHRISTMAS Specials Youth Basketball Games –  LOVE 2017”.

  Within 4 consecutive evenings, children from the basketball academies: DAS DRAPETSONAS, PIGASOS KORYDALOS, ATROMITOS AND HERMIS PIREA, FAROS KERATSINI, welcomed children from the special primary schools of Drapetsona, Korydallos, Piraeus, Keratsini and Perama.

    For the success of the games, club administrations, school addresses, parents & associations of each school, sports organizations: the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona, the Municipality of Korydallos and the Municipality of Piraeus worked together.


   As an inspirer of the races, I owe a great “THANK YOU” to parents and to the children who played in the first “CHRISTMAS Specials Youth Baskeyball Games –  LOVE 2017”.

    “THANK YOU” to those responsible people:

 Sakis Kallipolitis, Giorgos Renieris, Tassos Voulgarakis, Konstantinos Koukias, Panagiotis Karaganis, George Kaloidis, George Boulioglou and all the coaches (Spyros Milonas, Aris Giannakakis, Andreas Roumani, Vasiliki Pyrou, George Livadis), parents and young athletes.

    “THANK YOU” to the school directors, who give every day with all the teachers a very difficult training match:

   Zyvrakakis John, Heracles Palias, Nicholas Papadopoulos, Evangelos Stoforos and to all the physical education teachers and special teachers who accompanied the children.

    “THANK YOU” to Syrakou Stavroula, Antonakou Stavroula, Linzaropoulou Eleni and Michael Lonas, the aforementioned Municipalities for their kind assistance to organizational sporting issues.

   “THANK YOU”, to Elena Kremlidou, who tirelessly participated with all her love for the children, every night near them to play basketball and to enjoy their participation.

   “THANK YOU” to Georgia Nikolaopoulou who supports the “Jump ball of Love” with his fellow referees: Beretsos Theodoros, Geroulanos Charalambos, Ioannou Georgia, Avgoustoglou Niki, Alibertis Iordanis, Spiliotis George, along with the Referee and Judge Associations and ESKANA.

  “THANK YOU” to Dr. Angeliki Deliprimou for her presence and help to my child.

  “THANK YOU” to any small or large sponsor who helped with diplomas, medals, shirts, gifts, audio coverage, photos, videos.

  “THANK YOU” to my family, who is next to me and supports the design of “Jump ball of Love

  The next “Jump ball of Love” games.

   We are already in 2018. The next “Jump ball of Love is being prepared by people who have a lot to do with their support for “Special Education”.

   I wish everyone health and power to our future, who are all children!

    Yours sincerely

    John Tsoumpris


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