11th “Jump-Ball of Love” Peace & Friendship Stadium

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 29, 2018, the 11th “Jump-Ball of Love” took place at the facilities of the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

The second in the Easter toy series hosted children from the special school for autistic children, from the Korydallos Special Primary School.

The event was launched by Argyris Kambouris (National veteran basketball player) , who spoke with words of encouragement to children and parents for the joint effort and started the game by making the start of the game.

The thrill and joy filled the closed auxiliary stadium of the SEF. All children received a commemorative diploma and small gifts from the international transport company of Piraeus Harlas Transportation.

The team of athletes coached the coach of “Jambol of Love”, Panagiotis Karaganis.

The groups of special schools coordinated with their parents, Elena Kremlidou with Ioanna Papatheodorou.

We thank the management of the SAF for the excellent cooperation.

Also, the basketball academy of OLYMPIAKOS.

We thank all teams, sponsors and coaches with their athletes and athletes.