The Handball at School Programme


Playing this kind of handball, boys and girls at primary school age (6-10 years) can exercise together, improve their basic motor skills, coordination and social skills, which are just as important as the development of specific game concepts such as “team spirit” or “fair play”.

Philosophy of the game
Mini handball is a ball game for children. Playing this kind of handball, children of primary school age (6-10 years) can exercise,
improve their basic motor skills and coordination, which is just as important as the development of specific game concepts such as
“team spirit” or “Fair Play”.
The game and the experience should always be kept in the foreground, the results, and achievement in the background. It is not
adults’ handball! Training and tactics should not be involved.
Who can play the game?
5-10-year-old boys and girls in mixed teams (coeducation!).
The two teams include 5-6 players (4-5 field players and a goalkeeper) depending on how practiced the children are. The length of
the game depends on their age, but every player should be involved for roughly the same time (perhaps also in the goal).

What do you need to play?

Small court: 20-24m x 12-16m
(e.g. 20x13m is exactly one-third of the normal handball court).
Two goals: 1.70 x 3m or 1.60 x 2.0m.
Goal areas: 5 m radius.
Softball: The ball with a circumference of 44-49 cm should be
colorful, suitable for children, soft, not too heavy, must bounce
well and be easy to grab to guarantee a “fear-free” game.
Children should like it and not be afraid of it.
How to play? Basic rules of the game
Mini Handball rules are made extremely simple to allow the teacher or coach (not a referee in black!) to make fair and easy decisions that child can understand.
The general rules – ball handling, defending, attacking, scoring, etc. – are identical with the rules of basic handball.
The game should always be played in the spirit of fair play, but in case players behave unfairly, they will get substituted (not suspended) for two minutes.