Basketball, Science and Technology

How Science and Technology are Shaping the Future of Basketball



Basketball’s become a science-led sport, moving swiftly with the digital age. It’s an advancement that has seen shooting hoops become as tech-savvy as the next-generation smartphone.

As the first jump ball launches the NBA playoffs, let’s take a look at how the action on the court is being shaped by the progress of today.


The stats don’t lie

This isn’t known as the information age for no reason. It’s a data-driven world and basketball’s playing ball. The digital revolution has enveloped and evolved the way the game is played, planned and, crucially, won.

Just wear it

Just as many other sports have embraced wearable technology, basketball has been just as, well, on the ball in this regard. Almost. The NBA may have banned wearable tech sensors during official games, but it’s on the court in practice. Literally.

Heart monitors, replay analyzers and shot trackers have all become key weapons in the basketball team’s training arsenal.

Sensors that feed to the coach information on jump acceleration, rotation and hang time offer invaluable insight into how best to utilize particular players, and how to prevent injury.

Running ahead of the game

Of course, one item of wearable tech utterly vital to basketball usually comes in pairs: the not so humble sneaker. Basketball footwear is as essential to the game as a slam dunk of the sport’s bright orange ball.

Think of the game in motion. A lightning pace. A level of ceiling-threatening athleticism that elicits gasps from fans. Plus a weight of impact from every leap that can take its toll on the hardiest of players. The busy game of basketball is played on a relatively intimate battlefield. The direction is constantly inflow, and the game can turn on a dime. Player’s shoes need to be durable, with strong cushioning and, most often, a high-top to provide vital ankle support. Any professional high-end shoe worth its logo needs all those qualities to survive the game and protect the player.