Another closing ceremony for the training period of the “Jambol Agapis” Special Basketball Training was held at the Peace and Friendship Stadium with many smiles!

With a big celebration at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, Jambol Agapis completed this year’s teaching season, giving generous smiles for the second year in a row.
During the celebration, customized games of the Special Basketball Education, Co-Education exercises were held and all those who supported the education program were honored.
The President of Jambol Agapis welcomed all the sections from Attica and Corinth.
The president of the Board of Directors of Chef, Mrs. Christina Tsiligiri was awarded for her five-year contribution to children.

Jambol Agapis, offered an honorary distinction to the Ministry of Shipping, to the sports office of the Coast Guard because for the last two years, with volunteer actions, it strengthens and supports its work.
The volunteers and the Rhythmic Movement team of Nea Smyrni were honored, which surrounded the celebration with dance demonstrations.