#StayHome – The one-handed driving lay-up basketball shot

The one-hand driving lay-up shot  is most important shot in fast break basketball; therefore, it is the most fundamental part of shooting because most scoring of the fast break comes from this shot.

Approaching the basket from the right side teach the shooter to grasp the ball in both hands as his right foot hits the floor, keeping the body between the ball and defender.  (When approaching the basket from the left side, reverse the technique.) Teach them to jump as high as they can, keeping eye contact with a spot six inches above, and slightly right of the basket, where he should place the ball.

Come down hard on the left foot, and propel sharply upward with the right knee, carrying the ball in both hands as high as possible with the right hand behind the ball, wrist cocked and facing the basket, and the left hand in front, wrist away from the basket.