About itsports.gr

My name is (Ioannis) John Tsoumpris and I’m the founder of  itsports.gr . I’m a youth basketball coach since 1992.

I’ve had experience coaching on Olympiakos Piraeus 1992-1998 & 2002 – 2005.

Also in basketball teams around the area of Athens, and the last 3 years, as basketball director.

I started this site this year to give back to the game I love and that helped shape me to become the coach & the physical educator I am today.

As I was growing up I was fortunate enough to have many coaches and teammates since 1981 that had an incredibly positive impact on my life.

I was taught first hand that basketball and sports develop long-lasting relationships.

My purpose is to have positive impact and share knowledge around Europe and others countries around the world.

I’ve had experience teaching physical education on private school “Themistocles” Piraeus since 1999 until now. For me is important in youth sports to help shape better people, to be active and healthy, to develop relationships, to teach kids life lessons and to have fun during sports activities.

These things are really what’s important about youth sports education.

I am dedicating a large portion of my life to developing my knowledge and becoming everyday better than the day before and better person for my family.

I spend hours upon hours every single day researching, studying, and writing about basketball and youth sports.

I have publish three basketball books and I will publish a third book in the near future.

                1o-vivlio    εξωφυλλο eεπιστροφη στα βασικα 

With this site, my aim is to converse with people around the world and to find the way to organize camps either for youth players on others places, or arrange their trip in Greece.

Thanks for taking the time to read my CV and I look forward to communicate in the near future!

John Tsoumpris


John Tsoumpris, Curriculum Vitae

John Tsoumpris

1981 Player in Olympiakos Piraeus (Junior team U15-U16-U17 & U18).

1988 Player in Themistocles B.C.

1991 Player in Triton Thessaloniki B.C.

1989 – 1993 Studies in University Of Thrace – Sports Educational & Basketball Training

1992 – 1997 Basketball youth coach (Olympiakos B.C.)

1996 – 2010 Basketball youth coach (AEKp. Evriali B.C. , Dafni B.C. , Porfyras B.C. , Atromitos Piraeus B.C. , Papagou B.C.

2002 – 2005 Basketball Youth Coach (Olympiakos B.C.)

2010 – 2015 Basketball Youth Coach & Director (Traxones B.C.)

2005 Studies on sports management  (University of Athens)

1998 – 1999 Teacher in Greek War Navy (Officers School)

2001 – 2007 Teacher in Greek War Navy (Petty officers School)

1998 – 2015 Physical Educator & Sports Director (Private college Themistocles)

1993 – 2015 Basketball Clinics in Greece, Stockholm Sweden, Split Croatia, Kuopio Finland, Milan Italy).

1998 Publish 1st basketball book “Mini basketball drills”

2015 Publish 2nd basketball book “The next step”, training for U15 basketball teams

2015 Publish 3rd basketball book “Return to Fundamentals”, training for academies

2002 – 2015 Founder & Director of the school sports program “ATHLOpolis”

2016 Founder of “Jumball of Love”, a basketball game for children with autism

2016 – 2017 Basketball Coach “AONS MILON BASKETBALL” U15 – U16 Boys