CV  John Tsoumpris

1980 – 1989

1981 Basketball Player – Olympiakos Basketball Team (U11 – U18)

1987 Participation in the men’s basketball team of Olympiacos

1988 Basketball Player – Themistocles Keratsini at the 1st ESKA.

1989 Studies at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science in Komotini (Democritus University of Thrace).

1990 – 1999

1990 Basketball Player – GAS Komotini

1991 Basketball Player – Tritonas Thessaloniki in 2nd Class EKASH.

1992 Coach at the basketball academy of the Olympic RCB .

1996 Coach at the basketball academy of Evryali Glyfada

1998 Professor of Physical Education at the School of Naval Testing in Piraeus

1999 Coach at AA Daphnis Basketball Academy

1998 Professor of Physical Education at the Educational Organization “THEMISTOKLIS”

1997 Organization of the mission of the Olympic Piraeus Academy in Stockholm, Sweden.

1998 3 on 3 Piraeus Primary Schools Tournament sponsored by PAE Olympiakos Magazine.

1999 Basketball academy tournaments sponsored by Olympic SPC

2000 -2009

2002 Coach at the ΚAE Basketball Academy Olympiacos Piraeus

2005 Coach at AOF Basketball Academy Purple

2005 Postgraduate Degree in Sport Organization at Kapodistrian University of Athens.

2000 – 2007 Professor of Basketball at the Permanent Navy School

2002 Launch of the Summer Camp Org. “THEMISTOCLES”

2004 Organizing the summer basketball camp of KAE Olympic in Piraeus and Lamia.

2004 Organizing mission of Piraeus Olympic Academy in Split, Croatia.

2005 Launch of the Winter Sports Program Org. “THEMISTOKLIS” under the name “Athlopolis”

2007 Integration of the Div. Org. “THEMISTOKLIS” in the organization of AIS (Private School Sport Meetings)

2008 Private High School Football Championship Organization in collaboration with the School of Nautical Testing.

2010 – 2020

2011 Basketball coach – Atromitos Piraeus.

2010 – 2015 Basketball Coach and Technical Director – Trachon Union / Zeus Alimou

2010 – 2020 Organizing Basketball Clinics in Syros, Lamia, Laconia, Halkidiki, Ikaria, Kuopio, Finland, Athens.

2018  Teaching of special basketball education with the “Jabol Love” sections, involving pupils and pupils from special schools.

2016  Basketball Coach –  “MILON”

2017 – 2020 Basketball Coach ESPERIDES Kallithea

2018 – 2019 Basketball Coach of the Drapetsona Academies

2010 Organizing of Greek Traditional Dance Festival for primary school members of ASIS
2011 Organizing of Elementary School Basketball Tournament
2012 Organizing of High School Basketball Tournament
2013 Participation in Milan International Clinic on Basketball for Kids and Teens
2013 Collaboration with the University of Kuopio Finland on school education and coaching basketball in the                    Kuopio Linki team.
2013 Organizing of Elementary School Basketball Tournament
2014 Organizing of  Primary School Basketball Tournament at the School of Naval Testing.
2015 Organizing of  Elementary School Basketball Tournament
2015 Organizing of  Primary School Football Tournament Organization
2012 Taking over the organization of the Basketball Association of Trachon / Zeus Alimos.
2014 Taking over the technical management of the racing sections of the Union of Trachones / Zeus Alimos.
2015 2nd edition of the book “Children’s Basketball, the Next Step”.
2015 Edition of the 3rd book entitled “Back to Basics”.
2015 Founding of itsports.gr2016 Edition of the 4th book entitled “Training Guide for Children”
2016 Creation of the “Jumpball of Love” basketball program for people with disabilities