Alekos Spanoudakis – Our basketball Coach!

The difficult time has come to say “goodbye” to a man who, for most of us, not our relative is, but everything he did for us makes him so unique.

And it’s a very emotional day, the day that we will say him goodbye.

“Spring of 1982, Pasalimani-Piraeus,

The day I pass the threshold of the iron door of the club’s open basketball court.

The coach with a smile and immediately joins me in the training introduced me to the other children.

How intense the feelings of this first training.


Mr. Alekos Spanoudakis, was the basketball coach that I so much loved, along with Stavros Katsafado and Yannis Spanoudakis, because you showed me confidence in my first steps as a player, but you also trusted me a position next to you as a academy coach from 1992 to 1999.

Unbelievably beautiful years in Pasalimani, close to your beloved Aleko Spanoudakis.

You will always be in our hearts.”

I wish the historic mistake with the stadium at the Pasalimani Club to be corrected shortly.

I have personally deposited all the necessary documents with those who have to make the decisions.

Let them do it now, as a minimum tribute to you, Aleko Spanoudakis and Yannis Spanoudakis.

Thank you for all ALEKOS SPANOUDAKIA!

John Tsoumpris